Turquoise dream

Blue tuesday

I put here an outfit that fits me very well in summer days. Turquoise is one of my favourite color and it looks nice on me when I’m tan.

The fringes are very trendy this coming season and I personally love them. Also denim shorts are a must because despite being very comfortable they are also very chic.

I saw a lot of girls wearing that marvelous golden necklace with coarse chains but not all of them wore it properly. Why? Well, not everyone understands that if you wear on you every piece of jewelry from your collection you risk to look like a Christmas tree.

So if you want to accessorize your outfit with such a necklace look twice in the mirror making sure that you look fancy and not cheap.

Also, if you are not sure if you can mix properly two or more colors in your outfit try with a monocolor and a color do you like and which emphasize your features, otherwise you may look like a little rainbow.



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