Hi guys ! My name is Georgiana Cojocaru, but usually my friends are calling me by my nickname -Geo.

I’m 19 years old, big dreams and passion for all that is related to clothes, accessories, shoes, hair  and make-up, in one single word Fashion.

I’m a student, a freshman more exactly and I’m studying  International Relations and European Studies.  Sounds very nice and pompous but somehow I  can’t see myself doing politcs when „I’ll grow up”.

Enrolling at a university made me to change my living, moving from a small town called Bacau to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I came here to study but I’m pretty sure that was a little bit more than that and the fate was preparing me a pleasant surprise. Here I found „the one” or „the prince charming” with whom I madly fell in love, which is by the way my first true love and hoping the last.

So…here it begins the real story if you had patience to get until this part. Every time I popped up in front of my laptop, he saw me watching different sites of fashion and keeping up with the latest news, collection, trends and so on. He also have spotted that I’m a sale hunter and he was surprised when I told him that I found them by accident. After weeks of paying attention of what I’m doing he asked me out of the blue : „Why aren’t you doing a blog if you are digging so much through this domain?” At the beginning I was very enthusiastic but after a while I dropped it down thinking that are a lot of fashion bloggers out there, very prepared and way more confident than me.

This situation lasted for several weeks until he (again „HE”) showed me Polyvore, a very useful site that I just love it right now. I started to do some sets and I discovered that I’m quite good at that so I understand that if I’m not risking, I won’t win. More than that a few days ago I saw a noteworthy quote which impressed me in a moving manner : ” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, said by Eleanor Roosevelt.

So I’ve decided to start my work, enjoy the ride, plant the seeds and harvest my fruits at the end of the season.


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